Dehumidifier Generation 2

This series of dehumidifiers adopts semiconductor thermoelectric technology. By making the surface temperature of the condenser in the dehumidifier lower than the dew point of the air, the vapor in the air condenses on the surface of the condenser, condensed water is removed and realizes the purpose of dehumidification and moisture-proof. These dehumidifiers function also with an integrated TEM, which cools the surface temperature of the condenser. When this temperature is lower than the dew point of air, vapor in the air condenses into water and accumulates on the surface of the condenser. The water drops into collecting tank under the action of gravity, and flow out through the external aqueduct.

Providing a high dehumidifying capacity, this model allows users to set the humidity parameters according to their requirements. Flexible and convenient for a wide range of applications, it stays compact, light, and suitable for small spaces. It is fitted with an external temperature and humidity sensor and relay connection port for control of external heaters. Although all this, it has a low power consumption, it is environment friendly and provides high safety. It is also equipped with the RS485 communication function.

This dehumidifier is particularly useful for markets of electricity and power, traffic, communication, industrial equipment, storage and exhibition.

Model No. PN-D6012A
Part-No. 47788 47789 47790
Working power supply 12 V DC
24 V DC
110 ~ 230 VAC
Electric Power
60 W
64 W
70 W
Humidity Detection Range 0% RH – 100% RH
Humidity Measurement Accuracy +/- 2% RH
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.3°C
Dehumidification Start Value
User Setting (1% RH – 99% RH)
Dehumidification Stop Value
Dehumidifying Capacity 520 ml/24h (35°C RH = 85%)
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 70°C
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
-20°C ~ 55°C
Relay Control 5 VDC for external heater
Communication RS485
Temperature and Humidity Sensor External
Installation DIN35 rail or fastening screw
Further functions High humidity alarm
Low humidity alarm
High temperature alarm
Low temperature alarm
Running duration monitor
Maintenance period setting
Outline Dimension (L x W x H in mm) 195 x 114 (100) x 94
Net Weight 770 g
Aqueduct Specification Heat-resistant silicone pipe
L = 1m